Entanglement in solutions of
semiflexible polymers


Wormlike Chains

Concentration Regimes - Semiflexible Rods (L<Lp)

Solutions of Actin Protein Filaments

Flourescence Microscopy of Entangled Actin Filaments

Concentration Regimes - Semiflexible Coils ( L>>Lp )

Isotropic Nematic Transition

Concentration Regimes

Model "Rodlike" Polymers

Semiflexible Polymer in a Tube

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Brownian Dynamics Simulations of Entangled Solutions

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Scaling collapse of Dd2(t)

Concentration dependence of Re

Concentration dependence of te

MSD Transverse to Tube of Chain in a Frozen Network

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Rotational Diffusivity - Theory

Rotational diffusivity in concentrated solutions

Linear Viscoelasticity (a preliminary attempt)

A Theory of the Tube Diameter

Binary Collision Approximation

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Effective Medium Approximation

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Elastic Network Approximation (ENA)

Predictions for Tube Radius and Entanglement Length

Tube Radii from Theory, Simulations, and Experiment

Theory and Simulation for a Chain in a Frozen Network