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University of Minnesota

Material from IMA Talks

"HOT TOPICS" Workshop: Analysis and Modeling of Optical Devices

September 9-10, 1999

Organizers: Lawrence C. Cowsar (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies) and William L. Kath (Northwestern University, Engineering Science and Applied Mathematics)

  • John S. Abbott, Corning Incorporated    pdf (2.8MB)    powerpoint (821 KB)    abstract

  • Alejandro Aceves, University of New Mexico

  • Alessandra Chiareli, 3M    pdf (781MB)

  • J. Allen Cox, Honeywell Technology Center    pdf (2.5MB)    abstract

  • David Dobson, Texas A&M University    pdf (447KB)    postscript (1.7MB)    abstract

  • Vladimir S. Grigoryan, University of Maryland Baltimore County

  • Charles Haggans, CIENA Corporation    powerpoint (120 KB)    abstract

  • Curtis R. Menyuk, University of Maryland Baltimore County    powerpoint (780 KB)    abstract

  • Fernando Reitich, University of Minnesota   Talk 1 pdf (365 KB)   Talk 2 pdf (422 KB)   Talk 3 pdf (370 KB)   abstract

    1999-2000 Reactive Flow and Transport Phenomena