"Terry Speed & Frédéric Schütz"


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Tandem MS (MS/MS)

How to use MS for protein identification

Tandem MS for protein identification

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Interpretation of MS/MS data

Interpretation of MS/MS data

An unusual spectrum

Intermediate conclusions

How does a peptide fragment ?

Fragmentation example

Fragmentation example, II

Factors influencing fragmentation

Find factors influencing fragmentation

Quantifying the Asp-Xaa (cD) bond cleavage

Influence on scoring

Find factors influencing fragmentation,II

Find factors influencing fragmentation,III

Find factors influencing fragmentation, IV

How to find factors influencing frag

Factors influencing fragmentation

Predicting ion intensities

Prediction example : LEGLTDEINFLR, 1+

Testing our predictions

Testing our predictions, II

Ongoing work