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Material from IMA Talks

Workshop 1:

Spatio-temporal Patterns in the Geosciences

September 25-29, 2001


Michael Ghil (Department of Atmospheric Sciences and IGPP, UCLA )    slides    abstract

Vladimir G. Kossobokov (Russian Academy of Sciences)    html    pdf (5.9MB)    abstract

George Molchan (MITPAN, Russian Academy of Sciences)    slides    abstract

William I. Newman (University of California, Los Angeles)     slides    abstract

Norbert Schorghofer Massachusetts Institute of Technology    slides    abstract

Anastasios Tsonis (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)    slides    abstract

Donald L. Turcotte (Cornell University)    slides    abstract

Eli Tziperman (Weizmann Institute of Science)    pdf (2MB)    gzipped postscript (7MB)    abstract

Illia Zaliapin (UCLA and Russian Academy of Sciences)    pdf (6.8MB)    abstract

Mathematics in the Geosciences, September 2001 - June 2002