"Business Process Expansion"

The Overselling of Supply Chain Planning Suites 60 Manufacturers Speak Up
AMR Research, August 2001


"To effectively apply IT"

Transactional IT

Analytical IT

Differences between Transactional IT and Analytical IT can be contrasted across six aspects:



Models for
Integrated Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Decision Database
for Strategic and Tactical Planning

"Contains managerial accounting representations of..."

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"Contains process,"

"Contains business policy data"

A Primer on Decision Making
James March [1994]

Economic Theory
of Rational Decision Making

Limited Rationality

"By contrast to theories of..."

"The first issue is whether..."

"The second issue is whether..."

"The third issue is whether..."

"The fourth issue is whether..."

Exploration vs. Exploitation

Exploratory Learning for
Improved Supply Chain Management

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Organizational Adaptation to
Routine Use of Supply Chain Modeling Systems for Tactical Planning

Monthly Supply Chain Review

Supply Chain Review
Invokes Business Process Expansion

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"Business process expansion is needed..."