Complex Multidisciplinary R&D

Greg Wilson

Engaging With Big Science Problems

The Scientific Method

Today’s Science is Different

Technology Push or Pull

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What Is a “Problem”?

Smallpox Decision Frame

What the Customer Needed to Know

Joining Different Perspectives

What is a Complex Problem?

What is a Complex Problem?

“Multi-” vs. “Inter-” Disciplinary

“It will be necessary to carry out research in new ways.  Some of the things that we must consider include how large research problems are articulated, how research teams are organized to address those problems, and how the results of these activities are propagated and evaluated.”

Socio-Technical Dimensions

The Approach

Modeling Smallpox as a Bioterrorist Agent

Parameterizing the Model

The Ethnographic Perspective

Qualitative Research Tools

Basic Graphical Methods

Example: Diagraming Expertise

Example: Smallpox Diagram

Value Added