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2002-2003 Program: Optimization

Material from IMA Talks

Special Functions in the Digital Age

July 22 - August 2, 2002


Richard Askey (University of Wisconsin)    Slides for Orthogonal Polynomials in One Variable    abstract
Slides for Assessment of DLMF (Digital Library of Mathematical Functions)    abstract

Michael Berry (University of Bristol)    Slides:    pdf    ppt    abstract

Ronald F. Boisvert (National Institute of Standards and Technology)    Slides:    html    pdf    abstract

David M. Bressoud (Macalester College)    Slides:    pdf    ps    abstract

Bruno Buchberger (Johannes Kepler University)    Slides:   pdf    ps    abstract

Peter A. Clarkson (University of Kent at Canterbury)    Expanded version of the talk and figures:   SF02L.pdf    plots.pdf    abstract

Frédéric Chyzak (INRIA) Slides:    minneapolis02.pdf    sfda.pdf    abstract

Charles F. Dunkl (University of Virginia)    Paper form of the Slides:    pdf    ps    abstract

Walter Gautschi (Purdue University)    Slides    abstract

Mourad Ismail (University of South Florida)    Slides    abstract

Christian Krattenthaler (Universitat Wien) Matematica Slides:   hyp.nb    hyp1.nb    hypq.nb    PDF Slides:   hyp.pdf    hyp1.pdf    hypq.pdf    abstract

Tom H. Koornwinder (Universiteit van Amsterdam)    Expanded version:   pdf    ps    abstract

Dan Lozier (National Institute of Standards and Technology)    Slides:   html    pdf    powerpoint    abstract

Bruce R. Miller (NIST)    Slides:    pdf    abstract

Willard Miller (University of Minnesota)    Expanded version:    pdf    ps    abstract

Andrew M. Odlyzko (University of Minnesota)    Slides:    pdf    ps    abstract

Frank W.J. Olver (National Institute of Standards and Technology)    Slides    abstract

Peter Paule (University of Linz)    Slides    abstract

Carsten Schneider (University of Linz)    Slides:    pdf    ps    abstract

Vyacheslav P. Spiridonov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia)    Slides    abstract

Dennis Stanton (University of Minnesota)    Slides for 7/23/2002 talk    abstract
Slides for 8/2/2002 talk

Nico M. Temme (CWI)    Slides:    pdf    abstract

Alexander Turbiner (National University of Mexico)    Slides:    pdf    ps    abstract.pdf

Hans W. Volkmer (University of Wisconsin)    Slides    Abstract:    pdf    ps


2002-2003 Program: Optimization