Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Analysis of Seismic Activity Through Point-Process Modeling

Yosihiko Ogata
Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo

Presented at the IMA Workshop on Point Process Modeling and Seismological Applications of Statistics, June 10-14, 2002

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  878x638 (162kb) 876x750 (163kb) 750x878 (234kb) 638x878 (134kb) 638x878 (127kb)

  873x900 (308kb) 638x878 (165kb) 975x638 (235kb) 878x547 (129kb) 638x741 (177kb)

  615x775 (155kb) 638x878 (127kb) 638x878 (155kb) 878x750 (192kb) 878x825 (283kb)

  878x750 (219kb) 665x419 (121kb) 878x750 (256kb) 878x750 (213kb) 480x600 (120kb)

  564x652 (107kb) 419x555 (130kb) 563x525 (164kb) 461x594 (166kb) 773x675 (217kb)

  611x825 (307kb) 611x750 (221kb) 638x878 (219kb) 587x816 (158kb) 750x758 (207kb)

  635x750 (232kb) 876x900 (324kb) 638x825 (174kb) 638x686 (233kb) 750x742 (233kb)

  796x638 (194kb) 750x725 (275kb) 783x638 (180kb) 900x691 (365kb) 612x750 (250kb)

  750x797 (306kb) 750x775 (169kb) 750x771 (163kb) 723x750 (265kb) 638x776 (110kb)

  750x593 (161kb) 750x866 (206kb) 629x750 (197kb) 561x600 (174kb) 675x442 (196kb)

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