Traffic Measurement
for IP Operations


Characteristics of the Internet

Operator Philosophy: Tension With IP

And Now Some Good News…

Network Operations: Measure, Model, and Control

Traffic Measurement: Control vs. Discovery

Autonomous Systems (ASes)

AS-Level Graph of the Internet

Interdomain Routing: Border Gateway Protocol

Intradomain Routing: OSPF or IS-IS

“Operations” Research: Detect, Diagnose, and Fix

Time Scales for Network Operations

Traffic Measurement: SNMP Data

Traffic Measurement: Packet-Level Traces

Extracting Data from IP Packets

Aggregating Packets into Flows

Traffic Measurement: Flow-Level Traces

Reducing Packet/Flow Measurement Overhead

Comparison of Techniques

Traffic Representations for Network Operators

End-to-End Traffic & Demand Models

Domain-Wide Network Traffic Models

Path Matrix: Operational Uses

Traffic Matrix: Operational Uses

Traffic Matrix: Traffic Engineering Example

Demand Matrix: Motivating Example

Coupling of Inter and Intradomain Routing

Intradomain Routing: Hot Potato

Demand Model: Operational Uses

Populating the Domain-Wide Models

Inference: Network Tomography

Tomography: Formalizing the Problem

Tomography: Single Observation is Insufficient

Tomography: Challenges

Promising Extension: Gravity Models

Mapping: Remove Traffic Assumptions

Traffic Mapping: Ingress Measurement

Traffic Mapping: Egress Point(s)

Traffic Mapping: Combining the Data

Mapping: Challenges

Direct Observation: Overcoming Uncertainty

Direct Observation: Straw-Man Approaches

Direct Observation: Trajectory Sampling

Trajectory Sampling: Fields Included in Hashes

Trajectory Sampling: Labeling

Trajectory Sampling: Sampling and Labeling

Trajectory Sampling: Summary

Populating Models: Summary of Approaches


Interesting Research Problems