Resource Allocation and Control

More References

High Throughput TCP (Vinnicombe)

Comparison to TCP-Reno

Linear System


Nyquist Test

Nyquist Plot (a=0.5)

Sufficient Condition for Stability

Source and Router Conditions

Decomposition for a Particular Price Function

Network Analysis

Extension to Networks

Global Stability

Razumikhin’s theorem

What does it mean?

Razumikhin’s theorem

Network Model

Congestion Control

Lyapunov-Razumikhin Function

Razumikhin condition

Bounds on rates, prices

Derivative of Lyapunov Function

Stability Condition


Stable even with slow-start

Arrivals and Departures

 Connection-Level Model

Necessary Condition for Stability


What if we use TCP for resource allocation?

A Class of Utility Functions

Connection-Level Fluid Model

Proof of Stability


Some Open Problems