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Material from IMA Talks/Breakout Groups

Special Workshop:

Frontiers of Mathematics in the Geosciences

March 5-7, 2001

Michael Ghil (UCLA)    slides    abstract

Breakout Session Reports:

James G. Berryman (Stanford Exploration Project)
Surficial and Subsurficial Processes: Discussion Highlights

Montserrat Fuentes (North Carolina State University)    pdf (3.8MB)  html

Igor Mezic (Harvard University)
Dynamical Systems and Statistical Mechanics Breakout Group
pdf (7KB)    html

Doug Nychka (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Data Assimilation, Ensemble Methods, Multiscale, Inverse problems pdf (41KB)   postscript (134KB)

Other Reports from the Breakout Sessions    slides

Geosciences Breakout Groups.pdf

Math Geosiscience Breakout Groups 1.pdf