Plate tectonics generated by nonlinear rheology in mantle convection models & application to thermo-chemical evolution


From Published Papers

Viscosity (T) : how much?

Expect rigid lid: Earth unusual ?

Plates and mantle


Yield strength of

Slide 9

Strength profile of oceanic lithosphere

Lithospheric deformation



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Surface Strain Rate and V

RaH=2e7; YS=50 MPa (2e4)

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"By S."

Characterizing plate tectonics

"Earth’s Tor/Pol ratio ~..."

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Scaling of plate diagnostics with Yield Stress

Does low viscosity beneath the lithosphere help?

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"Varying yield strength"

"Time evolution"

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Greatly improves plate quality

So far…instantaneous rheology

Strain weakening?

Mantle shear zone in Greenland

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X-section thru shear zone

Simplified 'Damage' evolution

Comparison of various rheologies

Forms lithospheric shear zones

…works with more realistic viscosity profile

Instantaneous flow with strain rate weakening.

Simple 2-lyr model

Same with bigger box

Add SW to time-dep models

…but doesn’t have a large effect on diagnostics


Surface Strain rate

Pol- & Toroidal with depth

Continents aid 1-sided subduction, but add time-depn


Successes and failures

Things that 'help'

Future directions

Mantle convection models and geochemistry

Integrating Geodynamic and Geochemical Models of Mantle Evolution and Plate Tectonics

TEST cartoon models: which ones “work” both geophysically and geochemically?

Chemical model

Physical model

Geochemical evolution: Focus on 2 cases

Homogeneous start: after 1 and 2 Gyr

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Homogeneous start
(after 3.6 Gyr)

Layered start: after 200 Myr and 2.5 Gyr

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Layered start: present day (3.6 Gyr)

Noble gas outgassing: too much(?)

Ratios in melted material (last 150 Myr)

Pb ratios in melted material

Thermal evolution strongly affected by magmatism: simple example

Isochemical case

with differentiation

Heat flow is almost constant

Temperature varies much less


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Yielding generates “plate tectonics”


Rheological Model