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Material from IMA Talks

Atmospheric Modeling

March 15-19, 2000

Organizers: David P. Chock (Ford Motor Company) and Gregory R. Carmichael (University of Iowa)



Gregory R.Carmichael (University of Iowa)

Dacian N. Daescu (The University of Iowa)  part 1 pdf (164KB)   part 1 postscript (574KB)    part 2 pdf (111KB)   part 2 postscript (322KB)   abstract

Panos Georgopoulos (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey)   slides (25 MB powerpoint)

Mark Z. Jacobson (Stanford University)   abstract

Genyuan Li (Princeton University)   pdf (7MB)   postscript (1.5MB)   abstract

Betty K. Pun (Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.)   pdf (85KB)   powerpoint (169KB)

Alison Tomlin (University of Leeds)   pdf (12MB)   powerpoint (37MB)    abstract

Gail Tonnesen (University of California - Riverside)   pdf (2.9MB)   powerpoint (1.5MB)

Jan Verwer  (Center for Mathematics and Computer Science-CWI)   abstract

Yang Zhang (Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.)   pdf (130KB)    powerpoint (135KB)   abstract


Reactive Flows and Transport Phenomena