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Digital Libraries: Digital Libraries - Digital Asset Management

February 12-16, 2001

George Cybenko (Dartmouth College)     pdf (2MB)     html

Edward J. Delp (Purdue University)    Multimedia Security  pdf (15MB)    abstract     Introduction to Cryptography  pdf (1MB)    abstract

Sharon Flank (eMotion, Inc.)   pdf (3MB)    html   abstract

James P. Hughes (Storage Technology Corporation)   pdf (551KB)    abstract

Lyman Hurd (Iterated Systems, Inc.)   pdf (11.6MB)    html    abstract

Dhiraj Kacker (Shutterfly)  pdf (1.3MB)    html    abstract

Gerhard O. Michler (Universität Gesamthochschule Essen)    pdf (10KB)    postscript (73KB)    abstract

Florian Pestoni (IBM Almaden Research Center)    pdf (4MB)    html    abstract

Avni Rambhia (e-Vue Inc.)   pdf (419KB)   html    abstract

IMA Public Lecture: Bruce Schneier (CTO Counterpane Systems) Natural Laws of Digital Content: the Folly of Copy Protection on the Internet      Slides  pdf (752K)   
Audio   MP3  24k (15.5mb)  64k (41mb)  128k (82mb)

Francisco Javier Thayer (MITRE Corporation)    pdf (148KB)   postscript (174KB)    abstract

H. Joel Trussell (North Carolina State University)    pdf (3.7MB)      html    abstract

Hal R. Varian (University of California-Berkeley)    pdf (100KB)   abstract


Talk Abstracts

2000-2001 Program: Mathematics in Multimedia