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Material from IMA Talks

Time Series Analysis and Applications to Geophysical Systems

November 12-15, 2001



Ana Monica Costa Antunes (University of Manchester)    html    pdf (212KB)    powerpoint (251KB)    abstract

Genshiro Kitagawa (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)    html    pdf (5MB)    powerpoint (5.7MB)

Tohru Ozaki (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)    html    pdf (2.6MB)    powerpoint (4.4MB)    abstract

Donald B. Percival (University of Washington)    slides.pdf (81KB)    figures.pdf (79KB)    abstract

Murray Rosenblatt (University of California, San Diego)    slides    abstract

Robert H. Shumway (Department of Statistics University of California, Davis CA)    paper pdf    abstract

Donald L. Turcotte (Cornell University)    slides    abstract

Edward J. Wegman (George Mason University)    pdf (1MB)

Wei Biao Wu (University of Chicago)    slides    abstract

Mathematics in Geosciences, September 2001 - June 2002