Resource Rationing and Exchange Methods in Air Traffic Management

Motivation for Ground Delay Programs:  airline schedules “assume” good weather

Ground Delay Programs

Collaborative Decision-Making

GDPs under CDM



Determining fair shares

Allocation Principles


Equal Access to Usable Slots:  Proportional Random Assignment (PRA)

Empirical Comparison


GDPs as Balanced Just-in-Time Scheduling Problem

GDP Situation

GDP Situation

Models and Algorithms for Minimizing Deviation from Ideal Allocation

GDPs and Flight Exemptions

 Analysis of Flight Exemptions (Logan Airport)

 Reducing Exemption Bias

Flight Exemptions



Why Exchange Slots??

Current Procedure:  Compression

Current Procedure:  Compression

Inter-Airline Bartering

Mediated Slot Exchange

Default Offers

Offer Associated with Canceled or Delayed Flights

Mediation Problem

Problem:  Which offers to accept

Cycle = set of mutually compatible set of exchanges

Schedule Movements Associated with Cycle

Overall Solution:  find non-intersecting set of cycles – problem can be formulated as an assignment problem

"Mediated bartering model suggests many..."

1-for-1 trades to 2-for-2 trades

Formulation of general mediator’s problem as set partitioning problem:

Possible 2-for-2 trades:

Formulation of 2-for-2 trading problem as network flow problem w side constraints:

On-Time (Flight)Performance Airline Performance Function

Improvement Using 2-for-2 Trading System

Results for Total Passenger Delay Airline Performance Function

Final Thought:  Options for providing airlines ability to trade-off $$ & delay reductions