University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

Material from IMA Talks

Complexity in Geophysical Systems

October 8-12, 2001


Sergey Cherkis (University of California, Los Angeles)    slides   abstract

Susan Friedlander (University of Illinois-Chicago)    slides    abstract

Agnes Helmstetter (University of Grenoble)    slides    abstract

Andrei Gabrielov (Purdue University)    slides    abstract

Raymond Hide    slides

Vladimir G. Kossobokov (Russian Academy of Sciences)    Slides:   html    pdf (982KB)   abstract

Clement Narteau (California Institute of Technology)    pdf (13MB)    abstract

William I. Newman (University of California-Los Angeles)    slides    abstract

Misha Vishik (University of Texas at Austin Austin)     slides    abstract

David A. Yuen (University of Minnesota)    slides    abstract

Mathematics in Geosciences, September 2001 - June 2002