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Material from IMA Talks

Mathematical Foundations of Natural Language Modeling

October 30-November 3, 2000

Jerome R. Bellegarda (Spoken Language Group, Apple Computer)   Slides  pdf (563KB)   postscript (2MB)  "Exploiting Latent Semantic Information in Statistical Language Modeling," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 88, No. 8, pp. 1279-1296, August 2000.    abstract

Frederick Jelinek (Johns Hopkins University)  slides     abstract

Mark Johnson (Brown University)  An Introduction to Probabilistic Grammars and their Applications   pdf (309KB)    postscript (404KB)

Christopher Manning (Stanford University)    pdf (121KB)    abstract

Harry Printz (IBM T.J. Watson Center)   Acoustic Confusability  pdf (189KB)   postscript (319KB)    associated paper  pdf (324KB)    postscript (529KB)

Roni Rosenfeld (Carnegie Mellon University)     slides     Two decades of Statistical Language Modeling: Where Do We Go From Here?, Proceedings of the IEEE 88(8), August 2000    pdf (98KB)    postscript (113KB)    abstract

Andreas Stolcke (SRI International)    pdf (42KB)   postscript (178KB)


2000-2001 Program: Mathematics in Multimedia