How comparative genomic helps finding

what are selenoproteins?

the selenocysteine codon?

the selenocysteine codon:UGA

recoding of UGA

the dual function of UGA compounds the identification of  selenoproteins

Selenoprotein search: SECIS search

SECIS search: PatScan

SECIS search in the Drosophila genome

selenoprotein search:
codon bias

selenoprotein search: codon bias

selenoprotein search:
SECIS + codon bias

selenoprotein search in Drosophila
(Castellano et al. EMBO Reports 2:697-702, 2001)



dSelG and dSelM are ubiquitous selenoproteins

dSelG has selenoprotein homologues in vertebrates

selenoprotein search in mammalian genomes

conserved SECIS between human and mouse

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selenoprotein search in other vertebrate genomes

human vs. fugu

SelU: a novel selenoprotein family
(Castellano et al., EMBO reports, revised)

SelU: scattered phylogenetic distribution

the eukaryotic selenoproteome