Dynamics of Hot-Potato
Routing in IP Networks


Autonomous Systems

Interdomain Routing (BGP)

Intradomain Routing (IGP)

Two-Level Internet Routing

Coupling: Hot-Potato Routing

BGP Decision Process

Hot-Potato Routing Model

The Big Picture

Why Care about Hot Potatoes?

Our Approach

Heuristic for Matching

Computing Cost Vectors

Classifying BGP Updates

The Role of Time

Summary Results (June 2003)

Delay for BGP Routing Change

Delay for First BGP Change

Transferring Multiple Prefixes

BGP Updates Over Prefixes

Operational Implications

Forwarding Convergence

Measurement Accuracy

Avoid Equal-distance Exits

Careful Cost in/out Links

Ongoing Work


iBGP Route Reflectors

Exporting Routing Instability