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Single Sender Active Probing

Two Receiver Sub-problems Components

Decompose In To Components

Decompose In To Components

Back-to-Back Packet Probes

Link-Level Parameter Estimation

Topology Identification

Topology Identification

Reconstruct The Larger Network

Measure From Multiple Senders

Multiple Sender Tomography

Multiple Sender Decomposition

Branching & Joining Points

Example Decomposition

Canonical Subproblem:
Two Senders & Two Receivers

Two Sender, One Receiver Probing

Shared and Non-Shared Topologies

Mutual Information

Mutual Information

Arrival Order and Model Order Selection

Shared vs. Non-Shared

Shared vs. Non-Shared

Detection of Shared Topology

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Arrival Order Based Topology ID

Joint Performance & Topology Estimation

Decision-Theoretic Framework

Characterize Topology & Performance

Wilks Saves The Day

Asymptotic Results

ROC Curve

Number of Probes Used

Concluding Remarks