Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Singularities and Oscillations

IMA Volume 91

ISBN 0-387-98200-0

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Editors: Jeffrey Rauch and Michael Taylor


Observation and control of elastic waves
Claude Bardos, Tawfik Masrour and Frederic Tatout

Modeling the dispersion of light
Phillipe Donnat and Jeffrey Rauch

Singularities and oscillations in a nonlinear variational wave equation
Robert T. Glassey, John K. Hunter and Yuxi Zheng

Viscous boundary layers and high frequency oscillations
Olivier Gues

Nonlinear oscillations and caustics
J.L. Joly, G. Métivier and J.Rauch

Microlocal analysis on Morrey spaces
Michael E. Taylor

Nonlinear geometric optics for reflecting and glancing oscillations
Mark Williams

*The IMA's workshop Singularities and Oscillations was held April 10-14, 1995.

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