Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Multiparticle Quantum Scattering With Applications To Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular physics

IMA Volume 89

ISBN 0-387-94999-2

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Editors: Donald G. Truhlar and Barry Simon


N-body quantum systems: A tutorial
Gian Michele Graf

A tutorial on computational approaches to quantum scattering
Donald J. Kouri and David K. Hoffman

Time-independent wavepacket quantum mechanics
Donald J. Kouri, Youhong Huang and David K. Hoffman

Classical action and quantum N-body asymptotic completeness
Gian Michele Graf and Daniel Schenker

On trace formulas for Schrödinger-type operators
F. Gesztesy and H. Holden

Multiparticle quantum systems in constant magnetic fields
I. Laba

New channels of scattering for two-and three-body quantum systems with long-range potentials
D. Yafaev

State-of-state transition probabilities and control of laser-induced dynamical processes by the (t ,  t') Method
Nimrod Moiseyev

Barrier resonances and chemical reactivity
Ronald S. Friedman and Donald G. Truhlar

Quantization in the continuum - complex dilated expansions of scattering quantities
Nils Elander

Microscopic atomic and nuclear mean fields
Claude Mahaux

The Pauli principle in multi-cluster states of nuclei
Jens Bang

Nonperturbative approaches to atomic and molecular multiphoton (half-collision) processes in intense laser fields
Shih-I Chu

Global recursion polynomial expansions of the Green's function and time evolution operator for the Schrödinger equation withabsorbing boundary conditions
Vladimir A. Mandelshtam

*The IMA's workshop on Multiparticle Quantum Scattering with Applications to Nuclear, Atomic, and Molecular Physics was held June 12--16, 1995.

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