Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Image Models (and their Speech Model Cousins)

IMA Volume 80

ISBN 0-387-94806-6

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Editors: Stephen E. Levinson and Larry Shepp


Iterative reconstruction algorithms based on cross-entropy minimization
Charles Byrne

Stop consonants discrimination and clustering using nonlinear transformations and wavelets
Basilis Gidas and Alejandro Murua

Maximum a posteriori image reconstruction from projections
Gabor T. Herman, Michael Chan, Yair Censor, Emanuel Levitan, Robert M. Lewitt, and T.K. Narayan

Direct parsing of text
F. Jelinek

Hierarchical modelling for microstructure of certain brittle
Chuanshu Ji

Hidden Markov models estimation via the most informative stopping times for Viterbi algorithm
Joseph A. Kogan

Constrained stochastic language models
Kevin E. Mark, Michael I. Miller, and Ulf Grenander

Recovering DNA sequences from electrophoresis data
David O. Nelson

Image and speech and EM
Larry Shepp

Non-stationary hidden Markov models for speech recognition
Don X. Sun and Li Deng

Applications of the EM algorithm to linear inverse problems with positivity constraints
Y. Vardi

*The IMA's workshop on Image Models (and their Speech Model Cousins) was held May 2-6, 1994.

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