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Control and Optimal Design of Distributed Parameter Systems
IMA Volume 70

ISBN 0-387-94490-7

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Editors: John E. Lagnese, David Lewis Russell and Luther White


A shape optimization problem in inverse acoustics
Giovanni Crosta

On a variational equation for thin shells
M.C. Delfour and J.P. Zolésio

Oriented distance functions in shape analysis and optimization
Michel C. Delfour and Jean-Paul Zolésio

On the density of the range of the semigroup for semilinear heat
Caroline Fabre, Jean-Pierre Puel, and Enrique Zuazua

Relaxation in semilinear infinite dimensional systems modelling fluid flow control problems
H.O. Fattorini and S.S. Sritharan

Multidimensional inverse scattering problems in deterministic and random media
Semion Gutman and Michael Klibanov

Decay estimates for the wave equation
Vilmos Komornik

Asymptotic behavior and attractors for nonlinear Von Kármá plate equations with boundary dissipation
Irena Lasiecka

Stabilization of the Korteweg-De Vries equation on a periodic domain
David L.Russell and Bing-Yu Zhang

A note concerning boundary effects and long time vibrations of layered media
Fadil Santosa and Michael Vogelius

On the linearised dynamics of linked mechanical structures
E.J.P.Georg Schmidt

*The IMA's Control and Optimal Design of Distributed Parameter Systems workshop was held in November, 1992.

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