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Flow Control
IMA Volume 68

ISBN 0-387-94445-1

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Editor: Max D. Gunzburger


Active control of acoustic pressure fields using smart material technologies
H.T. Banks and R.C. Smith

On the presence of shocks in domain optimization of Euler Flows
J.T. Borggaard

A sensitivity equation approach to shape optimization in fluid flows
Jeff Borggaard and John Burns

Quasi-analytical shape modification for neighboring steady-state Euler solutions
J.S. Brock and W.F. Ng

Control of steady incompressible 2D channel flow
John Burkardt and Janet Peterson

Optimality conditions for some control problems of turbulent flows
Eduardo Casas

On controllability of certain systems simulating a fluid flow
Andrei V. Fursikov and Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov

A prehistory of flow control and optimization
Max D. Gunzburger

Mathematical issues in optimal design of a vapor transport reactor
Kazufumi Ito, Hien T. Tran, and Jeffery S. Scroggs

Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation in external flow control
Yuh-Roung Ou

Optimal feedback control of hydrodynamics: a progress report
S.S. Sritharan

Nonsmooth analysis and free boundary problems for potential and Stokes Flow
Srdjan Stojanovic

Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the flow in an APCVD applicator system
Gary S. Strumolo

Shape optimization and control of separating flow in hydrodynamics
Thomas Svobodny

Recent advances in steady compressible aerodynamic sensitivity analysis
Arthur C. Taylor, III, Perry A. Newman, Gene J.-W. Hou, and Henry E. Jones

Remarks on the control of turbulent flows
Roger Temam *The IMA's Flow Control workshop was held in November, 1992.

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