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Robust Control Theory
IMA Volume 66

ISBN 0-387-94443-5

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Editors: Bruce A. Francis and Pramod P. Khargonekar


Nest algebras, causality constraints, and multirate robust control
Tongwen Chen and Li Qiu

Does Rantzer's convex direction theorem sound the death knell for new Vertex results in robust control?
C.V. Hollot

Robustness to bounded inputs and structured uncertainty: Analysis and synthesis
Mustafa H. Khammash

Robust stabilization for $\ell_p$gap perturbations
Li Qiu and Daniel E. Miller

Generalized ${\cal H}_2/{\cal H}_\infty$ control
Mario A. Rotea and Pramod P. Khargonekar

On the computation of suboptimal H$\infty$ controllers for unstable infinite dimensional systems
Onur Toker and Hitay Özbay

Robust stabilization for parametric uncertainty with application to

magnetic levitation
Shigeru Yamamoto and Hidenori Kimura

Let's get real
Peter M. Young, Matthew P. Newlin, and John C. Doyle

Weighted approximation techniques and their applications in controller reduction
Kemin Zhou

*The IMA's Robust Control workshop was held in September, 1992.

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