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Systems Control Theory for Power Systems
IMA Volume 64

ISBN 0-387-94438-9

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Editors: Joe H. Chow, Robert J. Thomas and Petar V. Kokotovic


Bifurcation-theoretic issues in the control of voltage collapse
Eyad H. Abed

Reduced-order modeling of electric machines using integral manifolds
Said Ahmed-Zaid

The BCU method for direct stability analysis of electric power systems:
theory and applications
Hsiao-Dong Chiang

New algorithms for slow coherency aggregation of large power systems
Joe H. Chow

Computational complexity results in parametric robust stability analysis
with power systems applications
Christopher L. DeMarco and Gregory E. Coxson

Damping and resonance in a high power switching circuit
Ian Dobson, Sasan Jalali, and Rajesh Rajaraman

Dynamic analysis of voltage collapse in power systems
David J. Hill and Ian A. Hiskens

Exact convergence of a parallel textured algorithm for constrained
economic dispatch control problems
Garng M. Huang and Shih-Chieh Hsieh

Variable structure regulation of power plant drum level
Harry G. Kwatny and Jordan Berg

Analysis of mechanisms of voltage instability in electric power systems
Chen-Ching Liu and Khôi Tien Vu

Structural stability in power systems
M.A. Pai

Power system load modeling
Peter W. Sauer and Bernard C. Lesieutre

Parallel solutions of linear equations by overlapping epsilon decompositions
D.D. Siljak and A.I. Zecevic

Insects, fish and computer-based super-agents
Sarosh Talukdar and Pedro de Souza

Application of real-time phasor measurements in power system control
James S. Thorp, Steven M. Rovnyak, and Chih-Wen Liu

On the dynamics of differential-algebraic systems such as the balanced
large electric power system
Vaithianathan Venkatasubramanian, Heinz Schättler, and John Zaborszky

Robust stabilization of controls in power systems
V. Vittal, M.H. Khammash, and C.D. Pawloski

*The IMA's Systems Control Theory for Power Systems workshop was held March 15--19, 1993

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