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Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems: History, Theory, and Applications
IMA Volume 63

ISBN 0-387-94437-0

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Editors: H.S. Dumas, K.R. Meyer and D.S. Schmidt



The Concept of Elastic Stress in Eighteenth-Century Mechanics: Some Examples from Euler
Craig G. Fraser

Book Two of Radical Principia
Bruce Pourciau

Factoring the Lunar Problem: Geometry, Dynamics, and Algebra in the Lunar Theory from Kepler to Clairaut
Curtis Wilson

Theory and Applications:

A Limiting Absorption Principle for Separated Dirac Operators with Wigner von Neumann Type Potentials
Horst Behncke and Peter Rejto

Lax Pairs in the Henon-Heiles and Related Families
R.C. Churchill and G.T. Falk

Poincaré Compactification of Hamiltonian Polynomial Vector Fields
J. Delgado, E.A. Lacomba, J. Llibre, and E. Pérez

Transverse Homoclinic Connections for Geodesic Flows
Victor J. Donnay

A New Proof of Anosov's Averaging Theorem
H.S. Dumas

Bifuracation in the Generalized van der Waals Interaction: The Polar Case (M = 0)
Antonio Elipe and Sebastián Ferrer

Energy Equipartition and Nekhoroshev-Type Estimates for Large Systems
Antonio Giorgilli

Suspension of Symplectic Twist Maps by Hamiltonians
Christophe Golé

Global Structural Stability of Planar Hamiltonian Vector Fields
Xavier Jarque and Jaume Llibre

Analytic Torsion, Flows and Foliations
Stephane Laederich

Linearized Dynamics of Symmetric Lagrangian Systems
Debra Lewis

A 1:-1 Semisimple Hamiltonian Hopf Bifurcation in Vortex Dynamics
Chjan Lim

Stability of Hamiltonian Systems over Exponentially Long Times: The Near-Linear Case
Pierre Lochak

Constrained Variational Principles and Stability in Hamiltonian Systems
John H. Maddocks and Robert L. Sachs

The Global Phase Structure of the Three Dimensional Isosceles Three Body Problem with Zero Energy
Kenneth R. Meyer and Quidong Wang

Non-canonical Transformations of Nonlinear Hamiltonians
Bruce R. Miller and Vincent T. Coppola

Linear Stability Analysis of Some Symmetrical Classes of Relative Equilibria
Richard Moeckel

Identical Maslov Indices from Different Symplectic Structures
W. Scherer

Discretization of Autonomous Systems and Rapid Forcing
J&uoumlrgen Scheurle

Computing the Motion of the Moon Accurately
Dieter S. Schmidt

On the Rapidly Forced Pendulum
Prem Kumar N. Swami

Existence of Invariant Tori for Certain Non-Symplectic Diffeomorphisms
Zhihong Xia

*The Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems workshop was held in March, 1992.

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