IMA Postdoc Seminar (October 27, 2009)

Speaker: Konieczny, Pawel (IMA)

Title: Thorough analysis of the Oseen system in 2D exterior domains.

Abstract: We construct Lp-estimates for the inhomogeneous stationary Oseen system studied in a two dimensional exterior domain with inhomogeneous slip boundary conditions. The main part of the talk is a presentation of results for the half space $\mathbb{R}2_+$, which are substantial for the exterior problem. Main tools are given by the Fourier analysis in order to obtain maximal regularity estimates. In addition, these optimal estimates show us a difference between points on the boundary in front of the obstacle and behind the obstacle. The former are typical for elliptic problems while the latter show disturbance which is typical for parabolic problems.

Slides: PDF