IMA Postdoc Seminar (January 27, 2009)

Speaker: Jozsef Z. Farkas (University of Stirling)

Title: Analysis of structured populations in aquaculture

Abstract: Farmed and wild salmonid fish are subject to parasitism from a number of copepod parasites of the family Caligidae. These sea lice are damaging, causing reduced growth and appetite, wounding and susceptability to secondary infections. Economic losses due to this type of parasites are high, with a value in excess of US $100 million globally. The life history of the parasite involves a succession of 10 distinct developmental stages from egg to adult. In the present talk I will focus on the mathematical analysis of a nonlinear partial differential equation model with distributed states-at-birth, which type of model is intended to desribe the dynamics at the first chalimus stage of the parasite.