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Fractal Imaging
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Welcome to the IMA Fractal Imaging Research WebSite!

What is this community about?

The overarching goal of this community is to participate in and facilitate the development of the mathematical science underpinnings of second-generation fractal imaging. Fractal is distinguished from other imaging techniques by its resolution independence, its potential for producing high compression ratios, its computational complexity during compression, and the theoretical applicability of purely optical algorithms for its implementation. More background information.

The Fractal Imaging Forum:

The Forum is intended to be the location of a state-of-the-art, continually rolling, graduate level research seminar in the general area of fractal imaging, implemented web-style. Its core participants and its objectives grew out of a meeting on Fractals in Multimedia, held at the IMA in January 2001, organized by Michael Barnsley, Edward Vrscay, and Dietmar Saupe. During that event an initial set of ten-year goals was formulated, aimed at developing the required mathematical science. Specific goals include producing a volume "Second Generation Fractal Imaging" in year 2003, achieving a new image content class by the year 2010, and discovering new ways of using fractals in education. It is intended that the look and feel of the new results be quite as fresh and exciting as those of the first generation seemed, when first they appeared in the 1980's. Access to the Forum is restricted to enable the true atmosphere of a live research group working at a hot frontier, where participants are excited to work together, comfortable that they get credit for their contributions and not embarrassed to make mistakes. The resulting research papers, books, and other content will be announced in this public part of the site.

Entrance to the Fractal Imaging Forum


Fractal Imaging Announcements and Links:

Here you will find polished and completed works, links,bibliographies in the direction of the areas of interest and goals of the fractal imaging group. You are invited to submit announcements for posting to the Webmaster.

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