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The AWM Mentor Network & The IMA-AWM Forum

Welcome to the IMA-AWM Research Community!

The Motivation For This Page

Connecting Women in Mathematical Sciences to Industry, Friday, September 8 - Sunday, September 10, 2000

One conclusion from this workshop was that information about options in a mathematical career is obtained by networking with others in the field. In order to facilitate these connections, new mentoring opportunities are available through the cooperation of the IMA and AWM.

The AWM Mentor Network

The goal of the new Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Mentor Network is to match mentors, both men and women, with girls and women who are interested in mathematics or are pursuing careers in mathematics. Matching is based on common interests in careers in academics or industry, math education, balance of career and family, or general mathematical interests. For more information, and to request a mentor or volunteer as a mentor, visit the AWM Mentor Network.

The IMA-AWM Forum

The purpose of the new IMA-AWM Forum is to provide a resource for discussions and mentoring in specific research areas in applied mathematics. Within the forum there are different boards for different research topics. Researchers of all levels are invited to use these boards for their discussions. In particular, these boards provide an opportunity for junior researchers to contact senior researchers in their field. To facilitate the mentoring aspect of these boards, we invite volunteers to act as mentors/moderators of the boards. As a mentor/moderator, you would monitor the board, checking for posts that require a response. You would not be obligated to respond to all posts; instead you could ask others in the field to respond, thus increasing the participation in the board. Please note that monitoring the board takes very little time, since you have the option to either visit your board or have all posts from that board sent to you by email. We welcome requests for new boards on additional research topics.

To volunteer as a mentor/moderator or join one or more of the boards, just visit the forum and register to the appropriate board. To request a new board or for other questions, send a message to user rachel in the forum, or send email to rachel@math.umn.edu. Please note: All guests to the forum can read all posts. In order to post a comment or question, you must register as a user or a mentor/moderator.

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