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Audio Recordings:
Spatio-temporal Patterns in the Geosciences
September 24, 2001

  • Michael Ghil, University of California-Los Angeles.
    Spatio-temporal pattern analysis in the atmosphere and oceans.
    63 minutes.  RealAudio (SureStream)

  • Vladimir Keilis-Borok, UCLA & Russian Academy of Sciences.
    Complexity of Lithosphere and Earthquake Prediction.
    56 minutes.  RealAudio (SureStream)

  • Donald L. Turcotte, Cornell University.
    Spatio-temporal patterns in solid-earth geophysics.
    61 minutes.  RealAudio (SureStream)

  • Eli Tziperman, Weizmann Institute of Science.
    Glacial cycles: extreme natural climate change events, and still an unsolved puzzle....
    64 minutes.  RealAudio (SureStream)

  • Chair: William I. Newman, UCLA.
    Open Discussion: Natural Hazards: Future Challenges.
    44 minutes.  RealAudio (SureStream)

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