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Talk Abstract
Discussion of a Correlation for Flame Height and Flame Entrainment

James G. Quintiere
Department of Fire Protection Engineering
0151 Glen L. Martin Hall
College Park, MD 20874

Quintiere and Grove have presented new correlation relationships for fire plumes. These have involved traditional integral solutions and an attempt to account for finite fire diameter effects. The results have been empirically based on data from Zukoski et al. Recently, the correlation for entrainment rates have been compared to the data of Gore et al. It is found that these data can be found to agree with the dimensionless entrainment rate and dimensionless vertical height to a large extent. The Gore results for entrainment rate are as much as 50\% higher than the results of the correlation fitted by the Zukoski data. Also the effect of flame radiation appears to play a significant role in the correlation of these data for methanol, heptane and toluene fires. }

Material used during the talk

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