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Talk Abstract
Level Set Based Analysis and Fast Algorithms for Surface Evolution

Stanley Osher
University of California-Los Angeles

Recent advances in the analysis and fast computation of interfaces (of codimension one and higher) using level set methods will be discussed. These include

  1. The motion of curves in R*3 and on manifolds
  2. A generalization of Tsitsiklis' fast marching method for use in reactive-ion etching and crystal growth.
  3. Asymptotic limits of evolving crystalline shapes
  4. Variational problems and PDES on implicit surfaces
  5. The link between Wulff shapes and Riemann problems for conservation laws.

The work is joint with many people including: G. Sapiro, L.T. Cheng, P.Burchard, J. Helmsen, B. Merriman, D. Peng, M. Kang, H.-K. Zhao, and M. Bertalmio.

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