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Talk Abstract
Modeling of Heterogeneous Propellant Flames

Thomas L. Jackson
Senior Research Scientist
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets
Adjunct Professor
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2262 DCL, College of Engineering
University of Illinois

The ASCI center at the UI has been assigned the task of developing appropriate software for the simulation of complex, large-scale multi-component systems; in this case, the Space Shuttle rocket booster. Due to the large disparity in scales (the booster is 30 meters in length, whereas the primary combustion zone is on the scale of 10 microns), a direct numerical simulation is not feasible. Therefore a sub-grid modeling approach is necessary for each of the various components to capture relevant physics to insure meaningful results. Our efforts are directed towards the modeling of various issues related to combustion.

After a brief introduction, various issues with regards to heterogeneous propellant flames will be discussed. These include the ignition and subsequent flame propagation problem, the particle packing problem, the flame-turbulence interaction problem, etc.

Material used during the talk

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