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Talk Abstract
Performance Degradation of Small Silicon Devices Caused by Long-range Coulomb Interactions

Massimo V. Fischetti
IBM Research Division
Thomas J. Watson Research Center
P.O. Box 218 Yorktown Heigthts, NY 10598


In small silicon devices, conduction electrons in the channel are subject to long-range Coulomb interactions with electrons in the heavily-doped drain, source, and gate regions. We show that for devices with channel lengths shorter than about 40 nm and oxides thinner than 2.5 nm these interactions cause a reduction of the electron velocity. We present results obtained using both semiclassical two-dimensional self-consistent Monte Carlo-Poisson simulations and a quantum-mechanical model based on electron scattering from gate-oxide interface plasmons.

Work done in collaboration with Steve E. Laux.

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1999-2000 Reactive Flow and Transport Phenomena

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