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Hot Topics Workshop Focuses on the Impact of Waves Along Coastlines

This fall, the IMA will host a Hot Topics Workshop on the Impact of Waves Along Coastlines, to be held October 14-17, 2014. Over the past decade, a series of natural disasters caused by waves have attacked coastal communities resulting in substantial loss of life and property. From the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami to the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, these events are expected to become increasingly common due to rising seas and population growth in the coastal zones threatened by these events.

Modeling and simulation efforts in the past decades have led to improved forecasting and prediction of these coastal hazards, but there are still a number of situations where current methods have failed to produce accurate risk assessment and predictive capabilities. To address these issues, this four-day workshop will discuss three primary themes and hopefully draw many newcomers into this exciting field.

The themes include: (1) assessment of the underlying model equations; (2) numerical methods and software development; and (3) verification, uncertainty quantification, and probabilistic approaches to hazard assessment.

The workshop application is available online.

Photo by Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen, U.S. Air Force.

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