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IMA Proceedings Guidelines for Authors using Word

It is our goal to publish a high quality book of well-written articles. Articles may be either expository or original. They should, however, not have been submitted or published elsewhere. Expository papers that refer to work published elsewhere for details are OK, but they must be original as exposition. There are no lower or upper bounds on length. (Past submissions have averaged about 20 pages per article.)

In case you are planning to include in your manuscript figures/tables/quotations or other illustrations derived from other sources you must obtain permission rights from the original publisher. An electronic version of the permission rights letter is available upon request.

Our aim is to quickly produce a volume of high quality reviewed papers collecting in one place a description of where we are now and where we are going, which we believe will be a valuable addition to the literature in the field. We encourage you to submit a manuscript. You may, of course, add one or more coauthors for the written contribution.

The Volume(s) will be prepared in a uniform style (using LaTeX). You can send us the file by e-mail or disk, in addition to a hard copy, and we will handle the style formatting for you.

You can send requests and questions to our Publications Office staff at pubs@ima.umn.edu.

Below are the major guidelines for those who are submitting papers for the IMA Proceedings Volumes.

  • Figures submitted with your paper will be printed in black and white. We prefer .eps (encapsulated postscript) images, but we can usually convert other formats to .eps.
  • The width of the paper should not exceed
    • 4.48 inches or
    • 324 points or
    • 27 picas
    The above dimension is crucial when your manuscript includes figures. The same width is also important in determining the length of your displayed equations/tables. You don't need to worry about line width for ordinary text, since that will be handled automatically by the conversion to LaTeX.
  • Your running title, if you have one, should make sense.

For more comments about style, see the simple example of a proceedings article using Word. There is also a more comprehensive example. This is aimed more at LaTeX users but shows extra features you may want.

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