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IMA Reaches Out to Kids with New Science Buzz Kiosk at Science Museum of Minnesota

The IMA has partnered with the Science Museum of Minnesota to create a Science Buzz kiosk, an informational and interactive exploration station housed in the museum's front lobby.

The kiosk features activities for kids to explore the Traveling Salesman Problem, with a map of Minnesota for illustrating the challenge of planning the shortest route while visiting several specific cities along the way, as well as a hands-on activity for making TSP art, where kids can take their photo at the booth and create their very own TSP portrait.

Fadil Santosa, director of the IMA, said that working with the Science Museum of Minnesota has been a rewarding experience.

"We wanted to reach out to kids and show them that math can be fun and interesting. We rarely get to reach this audience, and it's fundamental that we show the next generation of mathematicians that math is behind a lot of really interesting things from computer design to weather prediction. By allowing them to interact with this hands-on exhibit, we hope to demonstrate the value of math in a fun and engaging way." The IMA's Science Buzz kiosk will be housed at the Science Museum through the fall.

Read more about the IMA's interactive kiosk at the Science Museum's Science Buzz blog.

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