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Former Annual Program Organizer Michael Levitt Wins 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Michael Levitt, a professor of structural biology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, was recently awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in protein folding. Levitt shares the prize with Martin Karplus (University of Strasbourg) and Arieh Warshel (University of Southern California). The winners found a new way for computers to model proteins and their interactions in the human body.

Levitt was an organizer of the 2007-2008 IMA Annual Thematic Program on the Mathematics of Molecular and Cellular Biology. He and Patrice Koehl (University of California, Davis) organized a tutorial on the mathematics of proteins, including three hour-long lectures, which can be viewed online.

Levitt, Ken Dill (University of San Francisco), and Sorin Istrail (Brown University) were responsible for the very successful workshop on protein folding held that same year. The IMA is grateful to Levitt for his contributions to the IMA and congratulates him on this momentous achievement.

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