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IMA Launches Math Modeling Program for High Schoolers

After a successful campaign in 2012, the IMA’s Community Relations Committee (CRC) will continue to raise funds in support of the institute’s K-12 outreach initiatives.

For the first time in 2013, the IMA participated in the University of Minnesota’s Exploring Careers in Engineering and Physical Science program, hosting activities for high-school students over one week in the summer of 2013. Survey results following the program were extremely positive, and the IMA has decided that in 2014, the IMA will launch a program modeled after its Mathematical Modeling in Industry Workshop for Graduate Students, which supports students as they work in teams on a real-world problem under the guidance of a mentor. The program will be adapted for high schoolers with an affinity for mathematics.

The week-long program in mathematical modeling for high-school students will be held in partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Mathematics Center for Educational Programs (MathCep). Since this is an activity not currently funded by the NSF award, the IMA is currently raising money to support this effort. The goal is to raise $50,000 to keep the program running for the next few years.

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