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New Program on Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology Launches in September

The IMA's upcoming Annual Program on Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology launches this September. The first workshop on Topological Data Analysis starts the new year in motion, beginning October 7, 2013.

2013-14 Annual Program Pic

Topology was invented as a tool for achieving, among other things, qualitative analysis and geometric pattern recognition. The demands of modern science and engineering have placed us in a position where it is vital to develop methods for qualitative analysis and recognition problems in contemporary contexts, including data (finite metric spaces as samples from experiments, surveys, or sensors), networks (internet traffic, gene regulation, coordinated robotics, communications), and dynamics (systems equipped with only finite resolution or which are stochastic).

According to organizers, this topic is now at a point where the gathering of researchers for the program will allow for decisive progress in a number of different directions. Thus, the program aims to attract researchers in the mathematical sciences as well as topologists, network experts, engineers, computational geometers, biologists, statisticians, and other application domain specialists. In addition, it is an excellent program for attracting graduate students and postdocs to the area.

"The potential impact of a year-long program early in the life of this field is enormous. We anticipate that the high level of intensity at which research collaborations can be forged and conducted, combined with the degree of mixing that this cross-disciplinary program will afford, guarantees a transformative effect on the subject," said organizers.

More information about the upcoming program is available online. The IMA is currently accepting general membership applications for the year.

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