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The IMA Welcomes its 2012-2013 Class of Postdocs

The IMA is excited to announce that 12 new postdoctoral fellows have joined the IMA for its 2012-2013 Thematic Program on Infinite Dimensional and Stochastic Dynamical Systems and their Applications. These postdocs were chosen from a pool of more than 300 applicants from around the world. Throughout their stay, fellows will have opportunities for collaboration, engagement, research, and exploration.

Anna Barry, Boston University, advisor: C. Eugene Wayne, is interested in ordinary and partial differential equations.

Nitsan Ben-Gal, the Weizmann Institute of Science, advisor: Bernold Fiedler, concentrates her research on infinite dimensional dynamical systems, specifically global attractors for scalar parabolic PDEs; Hamiltonian Dynamics; geometrical methods for differential equations; finite-time and infinite-time blow-up; intertial manifolds; Fucik spectra; bifurcation theory; non-smooth dynamics; mathematical modeling, especially for nonlinear spring-mass systems; and differential equations on post-critically finite fractal spaces.

Renato Calleja, McGill University, advisor: Rafael de la Llave, focuses his research on the fields of dynamical systems and mathematical physics, particularly the study of existence and persistence of invariant objects using numerical and analytical tools and their relevance to applications.

Juraj Foldes, Vanderbilt University, advisor: Peter Polacik, specializes in elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations.

Nathan Glatt-Holtz, Indiana University, advisor: Mohammed Ziane, focuses his research on nonlinear stochastic partial differential equations.

Xingye Kan, Illinois Institute of Technology, advisor: Jinqiao Duan, concentrates his research on stochastic dynamical systems—simulating invariant stochastic slow manifolds and analyzing and computing dynamical quantities such as mean exit time and escape probabilities. Additionally, he is also interested in angiogenesis modeling by means of stochastic methods.

Ji Li, Brigham Young University, advisor: Kening Lu, focuses on random dynamical systems, both the properties of random invariant manifolds as well as problem concerning stochastic PDEs.

Rui Peng, Memorial University of Newfoundland, advisor: Xiaoqiang Zhao, works in the area of mathematics and statistics.

Geordie Richards, University of Toronto, advisors: James Colliander and Tadahiro Oh, is interested in nonlinear dispersive PDEs and harmonic analysis and PDE techniques that combine nonlinear Fourier analysis with ideas from probability theory and the theory of dynamical systems.

Yannan Shen, University of Massachusetts, advisor: Panos Kevrekidis, concentrates her research on the field of applied mathematics, focusing on mathematical physics models of metamaterials, optical systems, and Bose-Einstein condensates, where the physical settings are modeled by nonlinear partial differential equations. Her research mainly revolves around the derivation of equations, their Hamiltonian structure, existence, stability, and dynamics of the solitary wave solutions.

Industrial Postdocs

Krystal Taylor, University of Rochester, advisor: Alex Iosevich, centers her research on applications of continuous incidence theorems (proved using Harmonic analysis) applied to problems in geometric measure theory and number theory. While at the IMA, her primary pursuit is data analysis.

Zhu Wang, Virginia Tech, advisor: Traian Iliescu, focuses on three main areas: reduced-order modeling, climate modeling, and finite element methods.

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