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IMA Annual Program
Applied Linear Algebra
September 1991 - June 1992

Organizers: R. A. Brualdi, G. Cybenko, A. George, G. Golub, M.B. Luskin, and P. Van Dooren

Brief selection of research results

September - December, 1991: Discrete Matrix Analysis

Tutorial: Applied Linear Algebra, Sep 4-10, 1991.

  SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, Sep 4-10, 1991

Workshop: Sparse Matrix Computations: Graph Theory Issues and Algorithms, Oct 14-18, 1991.
Organizers: A. George, J. Gilbert, J. Liu

Workshop: Combinatorial and Graph-Theoretic Problems in Linear Algebra, Nov 11-15, 1991.
Organizers: R. Brualdi, S. Friedland, V. Klee

January-March, 1992: Matrix Computations

Workshop: Linear Algebra, Markov Chains, and Queuing Models, Jan 13-17, 1992.
Organizers: J. Mckenna, R. J. Plemmons, G. W. Stewart

 Workshop: Iterative Methods for Sparse and Structured Problems, Feb 24-Mar 1, 1992.
Organizers: G. Golub, A. Greenbaum, M. Luskin

April-June 1992: Signal Procesing, Systems and Control

Workshop: Linear Algebra for Signal Processing, Apr 6-10, 1992.
Organizers: A. Bojanczyk, G. Cybenko

Workshop: Linear Algebra for Control Theory, Jun 1-5, 1992.
Organizer: P. Van Dooren

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