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IMA Annual Program
Applied Combinatorics
September 1987- June 1988

Coordinators: V. Klee (Chair), D. Kleitman, D. Ray-Chaudhuri, D. Stanton

September - December 1987: Discrete and Computational Geometry, Optimization

Workshop: Polyhedral Combinatorics and Geometric Complexity, Sep 14-18, 1987.
Organizers: M. Grotschel, D. Dobkin

Concentrated Week on Symbolic Computation in Projective Geometry, Oct. 12-16, 1987.
Organizers: B. Sturmfels, N. White

Workshop: Orderly Dispositions in Space (Tilings, Quasicrystals, etc.), Oct 19-23, 1987.
Organizers: B. Grunbaum, M. Senechal

Period of Concentration: q-Series and Partitions, Mar 7-11, 1988.
Organizers: D. Stanton

Minisymposium: Combinatorics of Simplicial Complexes, Mar 14-18, 1988.
Organizers: D. Stanton

Workshop: Invariant Theory and Tableaux, Mar 21-25, 1988.
Organizers: G.-C. Rota, D. Stanton

April - June 1988: Coding Theory and Design Theory

Symposium: Statistical Theory of Experimental Designs, Jun 6-25, 1988.
Organizer: D. Ray-Chaudhuri

Workshop: Coding Theory and Applications, Jun 12-18, 1988.
Organizer: D. Ray-Chaudhuri

 Workshop: Design Theory and Applications, Jun 19-25, 1988.
Organizer: D. Ray-Chaudhuri

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