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IMA Annual Program
Mathematical Models for the Economics of Decentralized Resource Allocation
September 1983 - August 1984

Organizer: Leonid Hurwicz

Workshop: Decentralized Implementation of Performance Functions, September 6-16, 1983
Organizer: Leonid Hurwicz

Workshop: Price Adjustment, Quantity Adjustment, and Business Cycles, October 24-28, 1983
Organizer: H. Sonnenschein

Workshop: NBER Conference on Decentralization, November 11-13, 1983
Organizer: J. Green

Mini-Symposium: Minimal Surfaces, January 21-23, 1984

Workshop: Bayesian Analysis in Economics and Game Theory, February 16-20, 1984
Organizer: P. Milgrom, R. Myerson

Mini-Symposium: Decentralized Data Base Management and Resource Control, March 20 and 27, 1984

Workshop: NBER Conference on General Equilibrium Theory, April 27-29, 1984
Organizers: J. Jordan, C. Simon

Mini-Symposium: Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, May 14-15, 1984
Organizers: S. Chow, G. Sell

Workshop: Financial Intermediation, May 17-19, 1984
Organizers: J. Kareken, N. Wallace

Mini-Symposium: Mathematical Models for International Economics, June 27-29, 1984
Organizers: G. Chichilnisky, J. Chipman

Workshop: Mathematical Models in Political Science, July 10-13, 1984
Organizers: J. Aldrich, C. Simon

Workshop: IMA Participating Institutions Conference on the Classifying Spaces of Groups, July 23-27, 1984
Organizers: M. Feshbach, H. Glover, S. Priddy

Workshop: Mathematical Models for Regulation of Pricing and Investment, August 6-8, 1984
Organizers: G. Heal, R. Radner

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