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IMA Annual Program
Continuum and Statistical Approaches to Phase Transition
September 1982 - June 1983

Organizer: O. Lanford

Fall Program - Statistical Mechanics and Dynamical Systems

Workshop: Statistical Mechanics, Dynamical Systems and Turbulence, September, 7-17, 1982

Workshop: Midwest Seminar on Dynamical Systems, October 7-9, 1982

Winter Program - Applications of Statistical and Continuum Mechanics to Properties of Materials

 Workshop: Mathematics and Physics of Disordered Media, February 14-19, 1983

 Workshop: Orienting Polymers, March 21-26, 1993

Spring & Summer Program - Foundations of Phenomenological Thermodynamics

 Workshop: The Laws and Structures of Continuum Thermomechanics, June 6-10, 1983

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