Program Types

             The IMA is proud to host the annual Abel conference in partnership with the
Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

Annual Thematic Program
From September to June each year, the IMA explores a theme in applied mathematics through a series of tutorials, workshops, and seminars. The annual program draws a large and diverse community of participants from academia, industry, and government.

Hot Topics Workshops
These workshops provide the mathematics community with a mechanism for organizing workshops on rapidly developing areas of interests, gathering those with diverse backgrounds to strengthen interdisciplinary connections.

Special Workshops
The IMA occasionally hosts workshops as needed covering specialized topics of interest to the community. In the past, events have included a celebration of Falk, Pasciak, and Wahlbin and the Abel conference series, honoring the winner of the Abel prize in mathematics.

New Directions Short Course
The intensive two-week New Directions Short Course offers extraordinary opportunities for established mathematicians to branch into new directions and increase the impact of their research. The topics selected show particular promise for innovative mathematical investigation.

Industrial Programs
The IMA offers a wide range of programs for industry and for industrial/academic collaboration. Frequent Industrial Problems Seminars expose students and faculty to modern mathematical work in industry. Mathematical Modeling in Industry workshops give graduate students hands on experience in teams with industry mentors. Special career workshops bring industry, postdocs and graduate students together to explore opportunities in industry. Corporate members have new methods and expertise delivered to their desks via webinars from academic leaders in applied mathematics and other fields.

Postdoctoral Fellowships
The IMA Postdoctoral Program was created to provide opportunities for recent Ph.D. scholars in mathematics and the sciences to pursue research involving applications of mathematics.

Public Lectures
The IMA Public Lecture Series features distinguished mathematicians and scientists who illuminate the role of mathematics in understanding our world and shaping our lives. These engaging and informative lectures are designed for a broad audience, appropriate for middle-school students and older.

Summer PI Graduate Off-site Program
Each year, an IMA Participating Institution (PI) is chosen to organize and host a three-week program on a topic in applied mathematics. The program is primarily for graduate students of IMA PIs.

PI Conferences
These conferences cover a wide range of subject matter in applied mathematics. They are proposed and organzed by faculty from IMA PI institutions and are usually held at the member institution.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
The IMA summer REU provides undergraduate students experience working on an interdisciplinary project involving mathematics. Students work in teams with a faculty advisor and a post-doctoral mentor and spend most of their time conducting hands-on research.

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